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Wednesday, 21 July 2010

How many Driving Lessons do i need

Preparing for your driving test - The Driver's Record Those who pass their driving test have had, on average, about 45 hours of professional training combined with 22 hours of private practice. Learners who prepare this way, with a combination of plenty of professional training and plenty of practice, do better in the test.
To help you learn in a structured way, the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) has produced a Driver's Record. You may have received a Driver's Record with your provisional driving licence. This will help you monitor your progress and provide you with a lasting record of your achievement. You can also get one from your instructor, from your local driving test centre or from the link in the 'When to take your practical test' section below.
Structured learning
The Driver's Record is a way of helping you and your driving instructor keep a record of your progress while you're learning to drive.

The Driver's Record has a list of 24 key skills covered in the practical driving test. It has space for your instructor to fill in as you progress through the five levels shown on the Record. Levels one to four should be initialled and dated by your instructor, and full details added when you reach level five. From this, both you and your instructor will be able to see at a glance which skills you need to improve.

You need to learn the skill and then practise to get the experience. You also need to learn both the theory and practical driving at the same time, especially now that the theory test contains a hazard perception part. The record is a pocket-sized leaflet that you should take with you to all your driving lessons.
What are the five levels?
The meaning of each level is:

•the skill is introduced
•it can be carried out under full instruction
•it can be carried out correctly when prompted
•it seldom needs to be prompted
•you can carry it out consistently without any prompting
The Driver's Record will help to remind you what you're trying to achieve, how to get there and how far you've got.

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  1. Not only the theory part but the practical part also plays a hazardous path, but this is the thing when the lessons are not followed up properly.

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