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Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Cheap Driving lessons

Cheap driving lessons
Are they value for money – whats the catch?
If you were paid £20.00 an hour for a job - You put a level of effort into your role as you are being paid a fair wage, Would you put the same level of effort into that job if you were being paid only £10.00 an hour?
Honest answer -No
Have you seen driving schools cars sitting at the kerb for what seems forever?
What are they doing, OK on some early lessons i.e the controls lesson, it does take some time to explain all the controls to the pupil, but look out for the underpaid ADI , he /she is trying to recoup some of the lost discounted payment by sitting at the kerb, talking and saving fuel. Maybe even making you have more lessons than you need in order to reclaim some of their lost earnings back.
Cheap driving lessons are a false economy.
Do you want 40 minutes lessons? No
Do you want an old car? No
Do you want to sit at the Kerb? No
Pay a fair amount for your lessons, get a professional company and take structured driving lessons and pass your test.

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