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Thursday, 6 May 2010

Why some people fail

“I can already drive”
Many people think that it is enough that they can drive a car from A to B without being involved in an accident and with these skills that they can pass their driving test.
Having been in the driving training industry for over twenty years I know this not to be true.
We have many, many phone calls saying “I don’t need many driving lessons I can already drive and I just need your car for the practical test.”
Don’t get me wrong sometimes people don’t need many but mostly they do need some. How do they know without an evaluation assessment lesson from a professional driving instructor who has passed all three of the examination tests set by the Driving Standards Agency. The ADI (approved driving instructor) can and does know exactly the standard required to pass the L test.

Example of these drivers
“I have held a driving licence in my country for many years”
“I have been driving abroad for many years and have a lot of experience.”
“I have had lessons with friends and family.”
So what happens
These people tend to be repeat offenders, here is what they do.
Take one or two hours to practice with an ADI and then take their practical driving test. The ADI will do their best in the short time available and will only let the candidate go for the test if they are considered safe . However there are always too many loose ends to tidy up and inevitably the candidate fails the test.

Do they learn from this experience, quite simply No. The whole process is started again and when they have booked another practical driving test they call and want to try again. DEJA VOU
Do not be one of these people, have an assessment and take the professional advice of your ADI , complete the syllabus and pass your practical driving test.

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